pirobase - your Digital Business Engine

pirobase is the foundation for all of your content-based projects. Our suite is a seamless bond of powerful content management (CMS) and efficient product data management (PIM). This provides you with a central platform for your online publishing. It also enables you to cover all scenarios with a single system. Whether that be omni-channel marketing, targeting, social media, or the management of core/master data or catalogues. Or as a standalone module, in combination or as an SaaS. We have a suitable solution for every conceivable scenario. 

The video of pirobase Suite

Our video shows how the pirobase Suite helps you to offer relevant information for your products to the digital customer at each point of his customer journey.



Omni Channel Marketing

Use pirobase as the central system for populating your communication channels, e.g. social networks, shop systems, mobile applications and more.

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With pirobase you can leverage your customised online products accurately for specific target groups. This enables you to optimise conversions and sales potential over the long term.

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Through the symbiosis of structured product data and the emotionally appellative presentation of your product worlds, pirobase can help you to create a new generation of online 'worlds of retail experience'.

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SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)

With our pirobase SaaS model we can guarantee the highest standards of security and performance. This not only enables you to reduce your investment costs, but also makes you faster and more flexible.

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    With their distribution channels, the METRO GROUP is one of the world-leading business enterprises in a range of market segments. In order to improve how their master data is managed and to therefore reduce the costs associated with this, the METRO GROUP uses pirobase PIM. This solution supports the company’s procurement processes and, through the direct connection to the SA2 Worldsync master data pool, provides optimized data management.

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    pirobase bei der Metro

  • Stadtwerke Erfurt

    Despite its extensive range of functions, pirobase is deceptively easy to use at Stadtwerke Erfurt (SWE): the system offers particularly intuitive editing tools that requires no special prior knowledge. pirobase is fully integrated into the existing SAP NetWeaver® portal. All portal functions can thus be fully utilised and individually expanded. At the same time, the SWE authors are provided with an intuitively usable solution to create and edit content.

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    pirobase bei den Stadtwerken Erfurt

  • Land Baden-Württemberg

    By choosing pirobase the IT service provider for Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Region Stuttgart has chosen a solution that bridges the gap between performance capability and user-friendliness. Thus all the technical requirements are fulfilled for the ever more complex and often decentralised websites and the maintenance of the authors is made as easy as possible.

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    pirobase bei beim Land Baden-Württemberg

  • Siemens Healthcare

    With the introduction of pirobase Siemens Healthcare has achieved a significant cost saving: product information is recorded only once, translators are informed immediately in the event of changes and can concentrate exclusively on them. The product information is subject to a uniform quality assurance and release process and is thus consistent and up-to-date at any time and available in all connected systems.

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    pirobase bei Siemens Healthcare